Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy day & Birthdays

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter, Lonna. May you have many, many more. What a special person you are and always have been. You have been a great joy in my life and in the lives of your family. Your testimony is an example to all you come in contact with and you bring happiness and fun where ever you go. Know that I am proud of you and admire the beautiful woman you are. Love you always.
Also Happy Birthday to Victor, I don't think he does blogs so this is all I'll say about him.
Also Happy Birthday to Amy! I'm so happy that you are in our family, you are so special. Have a safe trip home.
This has been a worrisome day for my friends. Jordan had his heart Zapped again today. All went well and he only had to be zapped once and his heart went back into normal rythem. I'm so grateful that he has been blessed so, I would hate to have anything happen to him. He's one of the good guys!
My sweet neighbor and dear friend, Maureen had her knee scoped today, but all did not turn out as we hoped, she is going to have to have a knee replacement. It's bone on bone, not wonder she has had so much pain. She needs more prayers. So we'll just keep on and PUSH-pray until something happens!

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Lonna said...

Oh thank you Mom! That was so sweet and I hope I can live up to what you have said about me.