Monday, September 29, 2008


My, it is so nice to be home and off that mountain!! When I first go up there I don't feel so bad, other than the awful headache, but as time goes by and we travel to other places which are higher up, I get to feeling worse and worse. About the time I come down off the hill to Ray I start breathing better and then in a day or two or three, I'll start feeling like a whole person again.
I enjoyed my visit with Christine and Pete and family. I am amazed at how big Halie is getting. It was nice to meet Victoria's fiancee, Rick, and to see her so happy. I do hope she and the kids will enjoy living in New York. Christine and Pete had a family dinner on Sunday, so I got to see most of the kids. Lotsa fun!
I was happy to find my home in one piece. While I was gone my friends Jordan and Betts, who had been in St. George, came home and found thar someone had broken into their home and ransacked it. It is a real mess. Lots of things stolen and ruined, but worst of all was the personal items missing. Information and computers with personal info in them. What a mess to try to clear up and replace all the info and cancel credit cards and etc. I just feel so bad for them. Hope the police catch whoever did this!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Almost back to normal.

I'm almost back to normal, at least what I call normal. I have had more soup and soft food than I care to mention. Most soft food is just not very tasty!
Christine and I are back to just being two again. However we are going up to Holbrook on Tuesday. I'm going to get my hair cut and visit for a few days and then come home by myself again. It looks like Pete is going to have to have surgery on his other knee soon, so Christine is planning to stay in Happy Holbrook! (I use that term loosely). What a sad town. While we are there, Christine and I are going to Snowflake to go to the Temple with Ken and Lue for their 55 wedding anniversary on the 25th. That should be nice. Boy oh boy, is my brother getting old!?! 55 years, thats alot. I do not think very many people have anniversaries for that many years, too many divorces in the world today. I wonder if they'll make it to their 65th like our parents did? I hope so.
Today is the 9th anniversary of our baby brother, Leslie's, death. I can't believe he's been gone so long. I still miss him everyday. He had the driest sense of humor of anyone I ever met. He just come out with these funny little sayings in his quiet way and it would just crack us all up. He was the cutest little boy when he was little, I used to hurry home from school, when we lived in Flagstaff, so I could play with him. For quite a while he loved to play Easter Egg hunt, with rocks or anything else, even after Easter had been over for months. He was just so tickled when he'd find those "eggs". It just seems odd to think he's been gone for 9 years.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Dentist

I've spent the last 2 days at the Dentist and I'm sick and tired of them. I spent about 1 1/2 hours Monday and 3 1/2 hours yesterday, then I had to see another dentist yesterday afternoon. What a PAIN! It wouldn't be so bad but the antibiotic makes me sicker than a dog, and I have to have one every time. I am going to have to do this again in December. Just lovely!
All the time I was in his chair he kept asking me if I was alright, you can imagine what I wanted to say!!!
Thank goodness I can now get off the antibiotic, maybe by next week my stomach will be back to normal. I do not recommand that anyone becomes allergic to all antibiotics. It's just not a nice thing to have to go through.
Today is Pete's (my brother-in=law, not my son) Birthday, so we are going out to dinner to celebrate, even thought I can't eat very well. I guess I'll have more soup! It's nice when Pete comes down but he never stays long, I guess he worries about his mother too much and doesn't want to be away from home very long. I think he's going back at the end of the week, so it will be just us two little old ladies again! But we do have fun together so that is good. I'm sure grateful that I have this sweet sister and don't know what I'd do with out her.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The 11th.

I fine this date extreamly hard to get through. My Darling, Bill, died on the 11 of July 2007, which makes the 11th of any month hard to get through, but I also had to go to the Doctor today (the 11th) and be desensetized so I can take an antibiotic, which is no fun at all. It takes about 5 hours to do this so it was not a fun day to start with.
Also, of course this is the anniversary of 9/11, which is one of the saddest days in american history. I have lived through alot of tough times, I well remember World War 11, the Korean conflict, Vietnom, and now the war in Iraq. But the only other time I remember anything like 9/11, was when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and I well remember that. I remember all the men I knew as a child who didn't come home from Europe or Asia, or Africa, or any number of small islands in the Pacific. The ones who did come home were in such awful shape that it was scary. I knew guys who were in the Batan Death March, men who had ships shot out from under them, (one had 5 ships shot out from under him), guys who went behind enemy lines and came back (if they came back) so messed up that they were never the same. Guys who came back so injured that they never got out of the VA hospitals, some in there for years.
I know guys who came home from Korea and Vietnom in such bad shape they had to be put in mental health hospitals. I've seen alot of misery that wars cause and I often wonder why the terroriests and others never learn that war does not get them anywhere! What a sad comentary on the human race that we never learn from the mistakes of others.
Needless to say, I hate the 11th no mater what context it comes in, and I will be glad to see tomorrow come and the 11th to be over again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, I asked for it. Christine asked if I minded going with them over to IKEA to look at some dining room chairs. We went to IKEA last time they were here just to look around and I tthought I had walked my tush off before we could get out of there, and here I agreed to go back. I think I need my head examined! At least this time we weren't there all day. What a strange store it is. I've never been in such a weird set up, and I can't decei de if I like it or not, just too much to see and try to understand.
We left IKEA, went to lunch at Chandler Mall and then went to Peir 1, and then Michael's. Wow, so much to see, smell, and sample. Of course when I'm in Michael's I'm always looking at flowers for Bill's grave so Michael's isn't much fun any more, it just makes me kinda sad. Any way it was a fun day but it always surprizes me to see so much Christmas stuff out so soon, especially sine it's still 104 here, it's just not proper to look at autum and winter stuff when it's so hot!!