Monday, September 29, 2008


My, it is so nice to be home and off that mountain!! When I first go up there I don't feel so bad, other than the awful headache, but as time goes by and we travel to other places which are higher up, I get to feeling worse and worse. About the time I come down off the hill to Ray I start breathing better and then in a day or two or three, I'll start feeling like a whole person again.
I enjoyed my visit with Christine and Pete and family. I am amazed at how big Halie is getting. It was nice to meet Victoria's fiancee, Rick, and to see her so happy. I do hope she and the kids will enjoy living in New York. Christine and Pete had a family dinner on Sunday, so I got to see most of the kids. Lotsa fun!
I was happy to find my home in one piece. While I was gone my friends Jordan and Betts, who had been in St. George, came home and found thar someone had broken into their home and ransacked it. It is a real mess. Lots of things stolen and ruined, but worst of all was the personal items missing. Information and computers with personal info in them. What a mess to try to clear up and replace all the info and cancel credit cards and etc. I just feel so bad for them. Hope the police catch whoever did this!


PrincessLisa said...

I just hope they don't catch me...

Kimber said...

I'm glad your home Mom!