Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pete's visit

Another great week. Paul left to go to Edgewood and then fly back to Phx and then fly on to Washington DC. It was wonderful to have him here. I managed to get the bed changed and washing done, and then Friday evening Pete flew in from Tennessee. I picked him up about 7 pm, we went and had dinner and went home and in a very short time Pete went to bed. He was really tired from Jet Lag and all the meetings he'd been to all week. He got up bright and early Sat. am and we had breakfast and bummed around some then went back home and Pete took a 3 hour nap. Poor thing didn't know weather he was coming or going he was so tired. Kathy did not drive in until Sunday morning, so Pete and I had a good visit and spent time just doing nothing improtant which was just what he needed. After Kathy got here we visited some, went out and ate lunch, and then they went to a concert by LangLang in Phoenix. They left from there to drive back to NM, as they both had to be back to work on Monday morning. It was fun but way too short a visit. Monday I did washing and changed the bed again. Keeps me busy but I love it, especially when it's such wonderful family visiting.
Yesterday Christine and Pete came down again, Yeah! They are going back on Saturday, darn it, it's way too soon! It's always so good to spend time with my sweet sister.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Paul's visit.

This has been a very nice week. Paul came to visit Saturday and because he was here Kimberly came over to see him (her brother) too. Kirsten (Granddaughter) and Steve (her husband) picked Paul up at the airport and came to visit also, and then Michael (Grandson) and Monica ( his wife) came to see his Dad and had cute little Milan (Great-Granddaughter) with them. What a joy it is to have so many of them visiting. Paul came from Washington DC where he lives and works, so it's a special thing when he has time to just visit with family. And being that Kimber lives in Timbucktoo, I don't get to see her very often either. And the Grandkids are so busy it's hard for them to find time to visit me, so it was wonderful to have them here. It really does a mother's heart good to spend time with them all. I'm amazed at how big Milan has gotten, what a cutie!
Yesterday Paul did not have to work but the others all did, so Paul and I got to spend most of the day together, what a treat! I learned more about his work and how he is doing than I've known in all the time he's been in Washington DC. A very special day and one I'll always treasure. I think he enjoyed it too. We spent some time with his parents-in-law and had a good visit with them. They are both doing well. It's too bad Tina wasn't with us.
We then went over to the Visitor's Center at the Mesa Temple grounds and saw the Book of Mormon art exibit they are showing there. It was wonderful! Paul is very learned in the Book of Mormon and it was great to discuss it with him. I just can't wait to visit more with him and the grandkids, either tonight or tomorrow. Great fun!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's funny how company comes and goes. Sometimes I sit here for days and don't see anyone and other times it seems like everyone comes at once. I had Visiting Teachers this morning and shortly following them my dear friends Jordan and Betts came by for a visit. Tomorrow Christine and Pete are coming and Saturday Paul is flying in from Washington DC, I am so thrilled to have him coming, I never get to see him since he moved. He will be here for several days, so we should be able to get in a good visit. And I'll probably get to see the Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren who live here as they will all be coming to see their father. Fun!!
After Paul flys home Pete is flying in for a couple of days, and Kathy is driving over to join him here. I'm so tickled to have them coming, sure wish they would move over here closer to Mom!
It's hard to be alone after all these years and the visits of family and friends are what keeps me sane (well kind of) and makes life worth living. How I do love them all!

Friday, October 10, 2008


I just got an email from my daughter, Tonie. They had to put Ditka down. She is broken hearted of course, Ditka has been with them since he was a puppy, and has been a good friend and companion to both Tonie and Jim. He was a really great dog. Even I am going to miss him and I didn't see him that often. I feel so bad for them, but poor Ditka has been bad for quite a long time, and now he was suffering with kidney failure. Poor dog, I'm thankful that he is now out of pain, but I know that doesn't make it any easier for them. After all a pet is a member of the family. So sad!
Today has just been a weird day all around. Some different things going on. I finally got someone to answer my messages at Kimberly's HOA office. I have left them several messages for several days and they finally got back to me. What a poorly run office that is!!!
I went to the grocery store and everything I wanted was moved and I couldn't find a thing without searching. Strange! I do think it must be getting close to Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Visit- being a idiot

I just had a flying visit from Pete and Kathy. What fun! It's always so good to see my kids. I was so glad to have them here that I forgot I had visiting teachers coming and went off gadding with Pete and Kathy. Well about 3 hours later I got a call from my next door neighbor, (who was in Utah for Conference) wanting to know if I was alright, and then 30 minutes later I got a call from my visiting teacher wondering if I was alright. Boy, it's sure nice to know that people care enough to check up on me! I get so wound up in my own world and I think nobody worries about me except my family, so it's nice to know that the Ward is looking out for me. Makes me feel safer.
Speaking of feeling safer, I did the dumbest thing today--locked myself out of the house. Went out to get my newspaper and shut the door, without knowing the doorknow lock was turned, and imagine my surprise when I couldn't get back in! And no one else has a key to my house, because of the new doors, I just haven't given a key to anyone. My neighbor (Bishop) managed to get one of my windows open, finally, and I got back in. Needless to say, I gave him a key to my house before he left so this couldn't happen again. Man oh man, I sure felt like a fool! I went out without my cell phone, so I couldn't even call a lock smith. IDIOT!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Do you ever wonder what it is with plants!?! You give them just a little water and leave for a few days and you come back and the plants have taken over the sidewalk and the wall, and the arch! it took me an hour just to find the sidewalk and get the "June-ie Blues" cut down, then it was on to the Boganvilla which was taking over the walls and arch, and the darn things have thorns that bite back! Besides that they'r an ugly color!
I didn't even mention the weeds that sprang up! Grass and trailing plants that are just weeds but are impossible to kill, they just keep coming back again and again. Can't they tell when they are not wanted? I've certainly given them enough reason to surmise that they are not welcome here. You would think that pulling them up and spraying them with Round-up would tell them something. I think they just don't pay any attention to me!