Friday, October 10, 2008


I just got an email from my daughter, Tonie. They had to put Ditka down. She is broken hearted of course, Ditka has been with them since he was a puppy, and has been a good friend and companion to both Tonie and Jim. He was a really great dog. Even I am going to miss him and I didn't see him that often. I feel so bad for them, but poor Ditka has been bad for quite a long time, and now he was suffering with kidney failure. Poor dog, I'm thankful that he is now out of pain, but I know that doesn't make it any easier for them. After all a pet is a member of the family. So sad!
Today has just been a weird day all around. Some different things going on. I finally got someone to answer my messages at Kimberly's HOA office. I have left them several messages for several days and they finally got back to me. What a poorly run office that is!!!
I went to the grocery store and everything I wanted was moved and I couldn't find a thing without searching. Strange! I do think it must be getting close to Halloween!!

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Kimber said...

Poor Ditka. I still remember when she had to put Hans down and how broken-hearted she was then. Thankfully they still have that little puppy they found.