Thursday, October 2, 2008


Do you ever wonder what it is with plants!?! You give them just a little water and leave for a few days and you come back and the plants have taken over the sidewalk and the wall, and the arch! it took me an hour just to find the sidewalk and get the "June-ie Blues" cut down, then it was on to the Boganvilla which was taking over the walls and arch, and the darn things have thorns that bite back! Besides that they'r an ugly color!
I didn't even mention the weeds that sprang up! Grass and trailing plants that are just weeds but are impossible to kill, they just keep coming back again and again. Can't they tell when they are not wanted? I've certainly given them enough reason to surmise that they are not welcome here. You would think that pulling them up and spraying them with Round-up would tell them something. I think they just don't pay any attention to me!


Lisa said...

Have you tried serving them with an eviction notice? I doubt it will work. My mom did it to me once. It strained our relationship and made for an awkward living arrangement...but I sure didn't leave.

Rae said...

Lisa, I haven't tried that, but I doubt it would work on them either.