Sunday, January 25, 2009


What a fun week I've had. Lonna and Steve have been here and took me to do all kinds of fun things, and took me to places I've never seen before. We loaded cattle and took them to a dairy to unload them, we went to Maricopa, and to two dairy farms, one in Maricopa and one in Gilbert. They even took me to a cattle auction. It was all just fun!! We drove down town Mesa last night to eat at Pete's Fish Shop and got to see lots of old cars, they were having an old car show on the streets of down town Mesa. Lots of great old cars. It was just wonderful to spend time with them, the only down side was that neither one of them were feeling very good. But I had a great time.
Both Lonna and Christine have been having stomach problems and neither one seems to be able to get well. I just wish I knew what would help them. Steve not only had his hip out of place and was walking crooked but he also had a bad sinus infection. He's still not doing very well. Hope it clears up soon. He did visit the chiropractor a couple of times so hope that hip will improve. It's all those goats and cattle he manhandles, I'm sure.
It's just too bad that neither of them enjoyed the time together as much as I have done!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home alone

Well, everyone went home or out on the truck, so I am home alone again. I really enjoyed the visits with Lonna and Christine, and then with Steve too. It's fun to have these late night talks with "the girls" even if they were both feeling bad. Thanks for visiting me!
Christine went to the Doctor today after going home yesterday, and I guess he's just guessing what he thinks is wrong and trying several different approches to cure her. I hope one of them works!
Lonna is still not doing very well and I sure do worry about her. Hope she'll see the Dr. when she goes home next! Steve came back with his hip out of place so we had to find a chiropractor for him, and I remembered that one of my friends from White Mountain Country Club had a son ,I knew, who was a chiropractor in Chandler, so Lonna called there and got Steve in to see him. Steve seemed to be some better and was walking strighter but I think he'll have to visit the Dr. again. I just hope he doesn't throw it out again by wrestling goats!
My weather bug says it's 81 here today. It sure isn't that warm in Washington DC today, I bet those people back there wished they had the parade here! I'm glad I'm not there, I'd freeze to death!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More stuff.

There was an interesting article in yesterdays paper comparing Jack Bauer of 24 and Jack Shephard of Lost. It was interesting, but the best part was their "catchphrase's"; Jack B.'s is "It's a Bomb!" And Jack S.'s is "We have to go back!" Jack b. is filled with rage, Jack S. is filled with self-doubt. Their "beer-buddy" compatibility is: Jack B. Low, due to violent nature; Jack S. is lower, due to history of alcoholism in family. Handiness in emergencies; JB, can fly a plane, rig explosives, handle any wepon, speak several languages, take a beating and give one back, and does not have to mush of a conscince. JS is willing to fight, use a gun. consicence is present but can be gotten around, and he's a good surgeon. It's a tie in the willingness to bend the rules and their "goos Qualities" are that they are both loyal. The over all concesess is that if you are saving the nation or the world JB is your man, if you are saving passengers of a downed airplane or need surgery then JS is your man. In other words they are both just wonderful, except I can't stand either one of their shows. 24 is too intense and Lost is too convoluted! I just can't stand to watch either one!
Today is just not a great day, it's been 18 months since my Sweetheart died. I went to the Cemetery this morning to change the flowers on his grave, and of course had a big crying jag. I just don't think it will ever get any easier, somtimes it seems alot worse.
I feel so bad for Christine and Pete, the 3rd death in as many months in Pete's family. Sometimes it feels like we're surrounded bt death. I guess at our ages it will be that way. I'm quiting now, this is enough doom and gloom!

Monday, January 5, 2009


This is a blog about stuff. First my lamp in this room quit working and also my little pocket adding machine(I'm sure it's Natalies fault). I am trying to type in the dark so if this makes no sense thats why.
Christine and Pete went back to Holbrook saturday and then went to Albuquerque on Sunday. Pete's Aunt, Lena, passed away and they went over to the funeral. It was his Mother's last sibling and her only sister and best friend. This after just losing a niece (her Granddaughter). It's been a rough time for them. But I hope they'll have a nice visit with Davorie and Steve.
I got Nolan and Bre's Christmas card back. I just have problems trying to keep track of all the Grandkids and Great-grandkids. That's one of the reasons that I am quiting sending Birthday and Anniversary cards to all. Besides I can't afford it! Boo!!
I finally took my Christmas tree down today. It has a section of lights burned out in it and I just can;t find out why so maybe next year I just won't bother with a tree. I can't find any loose bulbs and I have no idea where the fuses go. Too much work to figure it out. I think this is Natalies fault too!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is well and glad to see a new year. I surely am. I'm tired of the problems of 2008, so I'm wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
I am not making any resolutions, I just want to get though the year with my sanity intact. I don't believe in making New Year resolutions, I believe that if you feel there is something in your life you want/need to change about yourself, your should start that very moment, not wait until New Years to do it. I'm always trying to find ways to improve myself especially spiritually and it's an ongoing process.
The one thing I'd like to change about myself is I'd like to quit getting older and older, thats just a drag. But I don't think there is one darn thing I can do about it. I don't worry about weight, so I do not want to lose 10 pounds, I love my Pepsi and don't intend to quit drinking that, so I guess I'll just go on as I am! So Happy 2009!