Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home alone

Well, everyone went home or out on the truck, so I am home alone again. I really enjoyed the visits with Lonna and Christine, and then with Steve too. It's fun to have these late night talks with "the girls" even if they were both feeling bad. Thanks for visiting me!
Christine went to the Doctor today after going home yesterday, and I guess he's just guessing what he thinks is wrong and trying several different approches to cure her. I hope one of them works!
Lonna is still not doing very well and I sure do worry about her. Hope she'll see the Dr. when she goes home next! Steve came back with his hip out of place so we had to find a chiropractor for him, and I remembered that one of my friends from White Mountain Country Club had a son ,I knew, who was a chiropractor in Chandler, so Lonna called there and got Steve in to see him. Steve seemed to be some better and was walking strighter but I think he'll have to visit the Dr. again. I just hope he doesn't throw it out again by wrestling goats!
My weather bug says it's 81 here today. It sure isn't that warm in Washington DC today, I bet those people back there wished they had the parade here! I'm glad I'm not there, I'd freeze to death!


Bryan said...

81. Too hot for me!!!

Princess Lisa said...

I'm starting to think that your house is cursed. Christine was sick...my mom wasn't well...and my dad threw out a hip? Grandma, my dad is bionic! You cursed him.

As for a lonely home...you're always welcome to come visit us!

Rae said...

Lisa, I think it's still the Natalie syndrom working here, after all she started it, didn't she with the micooven thing?