Sunday, January 11, 2009

More stuff.

There was an interesting article in yesterdays paper comparing Jack Bauer of 24 and Jack Shephard of Lost. It was interesting, but the best part was their "catchphrase's"; Jack B.'s is "It's a Bomb!" And Jack S.'s is "We have to go back!" Jack b. is filled with rage, Jack S. is filled with self-doubt. Their "beer-buddy" compatibility is: Jack B. Low, due to violent nature; Jack S. is lower, due to history of alcoholism in family. Handiness in emergencies; JB, can fly a plane, rig explosives, handle any wepon, speak several languages, take a beating and give one back, and does not have to mush of a conscince. JS is willing to fight, use a gun. consicence is present but can be gotten around, and he's a good surgeon. It's a tie in the willingness to bend the rules and their "goos Qualities" are that they are both loyal. The over all concesess is that if you are saving the nation or the world JB is your man, if you are saving passengers of a downed airplane or need surgery then JS is your man. In other words they are both just wonderful, except I can't stand either one of their shows. 24 is too intense and Lost is too convoluted! I just can't stand to watch either one!
Today is just not a great day, it's been 18 months since my Sweetheart died. I went to the Cemetery this morning to change the flowers on his grave, and of course had a big crying jag. I just don't think it will ever get any easier, somtimes it seems alot worse.
I feel so bad for Christine and Pete, the 3rd death in as many months in Pete's family. Sometimes it feels like we're surrounded bt death. I guess at our ages it will be that way. I'm quiting now, this is enough doom and gloom!


Breann said...

Grandma you are strong and you will get through it and be ok, and don't forget you still have tons of family her that loves you and is here when you need us.

Princess Lisa said...

Grandma, I would love to echo Breann's sentiments and be nice... but you dissed Jack Bauer. I can never forgive you for this. NEVER!

Rae said...

Thanks Breann, I know you are always a phone call away and I appreciate it.

Lisa, what can I say, I just like Kifer's father best! But I do understand your attachment to Jack Bauer.

Elise said...

Grandma, how could you?!! You can't stand LOST??? It is convoluted?!! I just don't know if I can see you the same way. LOST is THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! (though Jack is great, I got the hottie hots for Sawyer..) Woo hoo, one more week til the season premiere.

Rae said...

Elise, I didn't even know that sawyer was still on! Hope you don't get disapointed this year. I really thought the show would be more about surviving a plane wreck but it got too weird for me and I didn't see it often enough to keep the people on it stright or why they were in that room pushing the buttons. strange!!