Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good to be Home.

I've been to Holbrook to visit with Christine and Pete and to get my hair cut. It was a fun trip and was nice and cool up there. One day we went up to ShowLow and Lakeside to shop. We picked up Kenneth on the way thru Snowflake and had a nice ride. It was really green in the mountains and rained while we were having lunch. Lovely! We ate at a place named Darby's, great food. It was nice to visit with both my sister, Christine, and Pete, but also with Ken.
It is sad to see Holbrook, it is just going down and down all the time. Saw quite a few people I knew at church but none just out around town. I think I've been gone too long to remember very many.
Both the ride up and back were beautiful, everything is so green, thanks to the rain we have recieved all over the state. Christine came back with me and we boht enjoyed the green grass and sunflowers. However it is great to be back home. It'll be nice to sleep in my own bed. I miss this hot, and I do mean hot, valley when I am gone very long.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, Kimberly, said my blogs sounded like an old person wrote them, she hasent noticed that I am old, I guess. So, I'll try to write about something besides the weather and traffic.
Saturday night my grandson Tyler came and stayed with me. We went to the Mall and ate at Garduno's. He ate quite a lot of food, I had forgotten how much a growing boy can eat. He went to church with me Sunday morning and of course the priesthood grabed him right away to help pass the sacrament. We don't have very many youth in our ward and some of the young men were in Philmont Scout Camp, so they were really short handed, so they were glad to see him. I think he was a little embarressed, but I was proud to have a grandson who is worthy to just step in that way. What a blessing! It was wonderful to spend time with just him

Later Sunday, Michael, Monica, and Heaven came over to get Tyler and spent quite a bit of time visiting with me, it sure made my day. It's great to have family!
Today Tonie came by for a few minutes too. It was great to see her, it's been several months. Jim is going in for surgery on the 5th of august, so evertone, pray for him and Tonie too. She said that Kristi and baby Daniel are both doing well. And it looks like Daniel may turn out to be a red head. His full name is Daniel Louis Terlip.
Christine sent me pictures of Marni's wedding, so it is official. She said it was really nice and everyone enjoyed it. I hope they will be very happy. They also bought a house. I'm not too sure that Christine was happy to go back to Holbrook. However she said it was quite cold in Silver City. Of course shes almost always cold even down here. Here I am talking about weather again, so I guess I'd better just quit!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Man, you talk about a sauna the weather outdide is really hot and sticky. It's only about 108 today but the humidity is high and the ground is still wet from the bad rainfall we had the other night. I almost had to run for the ark, thought for a little while I had missed it and was bound to drownd. We got all the rain and Kimberly didn't get any. Weird- they always get more rain than I do. Oh well, now I don't have to water the trees for at least a week. Yeah!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am always amazed at the way some people drive. Weaving in and out of traffic as if they thought they would really get there faster. Most of the time you pull up to the red light and there they are, and after all that work to try to get one car length ahead. They must be in more of a hurry than I am to get so harried and upset just to get to the light first. Strange! Then of course on the other side of the coin is the driver that gets in the speed lane and just pokes along and makes everyone go out around them especially on the freeway. I have found that quite often it is faster and less stressful to take the access road especially when it is rush hour. I just keep wondering where everyone is going in such a big hurry, they must want to get to the doctor a lot sooner than I do! Thank goodness I do not have to drive in rush hour traffic everyday and I am sorry for anyone who does.