Friday, July 18, 2008


Man, you talk about a sauna the weather outdide is really hot and sticky. It's only about 108 today but the humidity is high and the ground is still wet from the bad rainfall we had the other night. I almost had to run for the ark, thought for a little while I had missed it and was bound to drownd. We got all the rain and Kimberly didn't get any. Weird- they always get more rain than I do. Oh well, now I don't have to water the trees for at least a week. Yeah!


Kimber said...

It wasn't that hot mom if you just stayed inside like me all day!

The kids went over to the grass field about 10AM and they came back so red faced. Anthony was over there because 'lil bit' was having a temper tantrum that she couldn't go, so he took her. He came home and his shirt was soaked in sweat.

Stay in the house. Much cooler. LOL

Steve and Kirsten Bloomfield said...

Hey Grandma!! Of course its hot. Its Arizona in the summer storm season. Though in winter when everyone is under snow we laugh in their faces. HA HA!! We just have to make it till October.