Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, Kimberly, said my blogs sounded like an old person wrote them, she hasent noticed that I am old, I guess. So, I'll try to write about something besides the weather and traffic.
Saturday night my grandson Tyler came and stayed with me. We went to the Mall and ate at Garduno's. He ate quite a lot of food, I had forgotten how much a growing boy can eat. He went to church with me Sunday morning and of course the priesthood grabed him right away to help pass the sacrament. We don't have very many youth in our ward and some of the young men were in Philmont Scout Camp, so they were really short handed, so they were glad to see him. I think he was a little embarressed, but I was proud to have a grandson who is worthy to just step in that way. What a blessing! It was wonderful to spend time with just him

Later Sunday, Michael, Monica, and Heaven came over to get Tyler and spent quite a bit of time visiting with me, it sure made my day. It's great to have family!
Today Tonie came by for a few minutes too. It was great to see her, it's been several months. Jim is going in for surgery on the 5th of august, so evertone, pray for him and Tonie too. She said that Kristi and baby Daniel are both doing well. And it looks like Daniel may turn out to be a red head. His full name is Daniel Louis Terlip.
Christine sent me pictures of Marni's wedding, so it is official. She said it was really nice and everyone enjoyed it. I hope they will be very happy. They also bought a house. I'm not too sure that Christine was happy to go back to Holbrook. However she said it was quite cold in Silver City. Of course shes almost always cold even down here. Here I am talking about weather again, so I guess I'd better just quit!


Rae said...

I spelled Daniel's last name wrong, it's Tarlip. I'm bad.

Lonna said...

Mom, you can blog about anything you want! that's why it called "Rae's Place" not Kimberly's Place. She has one of her own that she can blog about whatever seems important to her! So there! We all choose whatever is on our mind at the moment. Glad you could have so many visitors! Keep blogging.

Kimber said...

I said it on my blog so there! :P LOL

Nice blog Mom.

Bryan said...

My word...fighting sisters. So sorry you have to put up with these two daughters. At least you have me! I would never argue on your blog. Take that you two. Nanny, nanny, boo, boo. I'm better than you two!

Kittilicious said...

The comments are rather entertaining! LOL

I'm with Lonna... it's Moms' blog, let her be Kimber! ;)

Kimber said...

Hush Berleen!