Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Paul's visit.

This has been a very nice week. Paul came to visit Saturday and because he was here Kimberly came over to see him (her brother) too. Kirsten (Granddaughter) and Steve (her husband) picked Paul up at the airport and came to visit also, and then Michael (Grandson) and Monica ( his wife) came to see his Dad and had cute little Milan (Great-Granddaughter) with them. What a joy it is to have so many of them visiting. Paul came from Washington DC where he lives and works, so it's a special thing when he has time to just visit with family. And being that Kimber lives in Timbucktoo, I don't get to see her very often either. And the Grandkids are so busy it's hard for them to find time to visit me, so it was wonderful to have them here. It really does a mother's heart good to spend time with them all. I'm amazed at how big Milan has gotten, what a cutie!
Yesterday Paul did not have to work but the others all did, so Paul and I got to spend most of the day together, what a treat! I learned more about his work and how he is doing than I've known in all the time he's been in Washington DC. A very special day and one I'll always treasure. I think he enjoyed it too. We spent some time with his parents-in-law and had a good visit with them. They are both doing well. It's too bad Tina wasn't with us.
We then went over to the Visitor's Center at the Mesa Temple grounds and saw the Book of Mormon art exibit they are showing there. It was wonderful! Paul is very learned in the Book of Mormon and it was great to discuss it with him. I just can't wait to visit more with him and the grandkids, either tonight or tomorrow. Great fun!


Kimber said...

I beg your pardon mother, but I am not in Timbuktoo. I just 18 miles away on the other side of Mesa. It's not like I moved to Utah, or New Mexico, or Washington D.C. LOL

It was good to see everyone.

Lisa said...

Oh Grandma...it's so sad that you live in denial. I'm sure it was a nice visit...but I happen to know he was there on official CIA business. He is known as "Kill 'em and leave 'em Paul!"
It's not a great name, but they let you pick your own adn Paul wasn't too imaginative that day.

I'm glad he could work in "family time" during his assassination mission.

Lonna said...

I too have always know of my brother's TRUE profession. Our family has long recognized Paul's real job for the government. He is a 007. Kill 'em and Leave'em Paul has been a sucessful spy for going on 12 years now. I don't think even Tina has full knowledge of his work. She would probably tell you he works for the Census dept. Great cover, don't you think? Paul....you may fooled many, but a Sister knows these things. Sorry Mom that you couldn't see through his cover. Don't worry about him, he's very good at what he does!!!

Rae said...

Lonna and Lisa, I do wish you two would help keep Pauls secret, as I am. After all we can't expose him and put his mission is japordy. Shh.