Thursday, September 11, 2008

The 11th.

I fine this date extreamly hard to get through. My Darling, Bill, died on the 11 of July 2007, which makes the 11th of any month hard to get through, but I also had to go to the Doctor today (the 11th) and be desensetized so I can take an antibiotic, which is no fun at all. It takes about 5 hours to do this so it was not a fun day to start with.
Also, of course this is the anniversary of 9/11, which is one of the saddest days in american history. I have lived through alot of tough times, I well remember World War 11, the Korean conflict, Vietnom, and now the war in Iraq. But the only other time I remember anything like 9/11, was when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and I well remember that. I remember all the men I knew as a child who didn't come home from Europe or Asia, or Africa, or any number of small islands in the Pacific. The ones who did come home were in such awful shape that it was scary. I knew guys who were in the Batan Death March, men who had ships shot out from under them, (one had 5 ships shot out from under him), guys who went behind enemy lines and came back (if they came back) so messed up that they were never the same. Guys who came back so injured that they never got out of the VA hospitals, some in there for years.
I know guys who came home from Korea and Vietnom in such bad shape they had to be put in mental health hospitals. I've seen alot of misery that wars cause and I often wonder why the terroriests and others never learn that war does not get them anywhere! What a sad comentary on the human race that we never learn from the mistakes of others.
Needless to say, I hate the 11th no mater what context it comes in, and I will be glad to see tomorrow come and the 11th to be over again.


Kimber said...

Wow. Excellent post Mom. Some stuff you just can't learn from books, and hearing stories from someone who lived through it puts the reality back into it.

PrincessLisa said...

9/11 is most definitely a hard day for all, and I can't begin to imagine what it was like for those actually involved.

Personally, I'm hoping you take a moratorium on hating the 11th next February (and every year after that), which happens to be my birthday...but that's just me.

I love you grandma!