Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, I asked for it. Christine asked if I minded going with them over to IKEA to look at some dining room chairs. We went to IKEA last time they were here just to look around and I tthought I had walked my tush off before we could get out of there, and here I agreed to go back. I think I need my head examined! At least this time we weren't there all day. What a strange store it is. I've never been in such a weird set up, and I can't decei de if I like it or not, just too much to see and try to understand.
We left IKEA, went to lunch at Chandler Mall and then went to Peir 1, and then Michael's. Wow, so much to see, smell, and sample. Of course when I'm in Michael's I'm always looking at flowers for Bill's grave so Michael's isn't much fun any more, it just makes me kinda sad. Any way it was a fun day but it always surprizes me to see so much Christmas stuff out so soon, especially sine it's still 104 here, it's just not proper to look at autum and winter stuff when it's so hot!!


Natalie said...

I have never been to IKEA, but my Mom loves it. That can only mean one thing. It must be huge!!
I agree, it seems like they get the christmas stuff out earlier and earlier every year!!

PrincessLisa said...

Ikea is a crazy place. They pull you in and you can't find your way out. They use the same gimmick as a casino. Once you get in there is no way out!

As for Christmas's basically right around the corner, you know!

Tara said...

I liked Ikea for about the first hour. Then it got a little old. An it seems like they have midget furniture. My husband would be so uncomfortable in most of it.

Rae said...

Boy, Tara, you have it right, everything there seems like it's for children, in size, even I find a lot of it uncomfortable. I can't even imagine Adam sitting on any of those chairs. Wow!!
Lisa, we even took the "short cut" and couldn't find a quick way to the chairs. I believe they booby-trap the place.
Natalie, if you plan to go there expect to be there most of the day, there is a cafe inside so you won't get too hungry. It's crazy!

Lonna said...

I pass. NO IKEA for me. I need real furniture. For real size people.
And Mom, if you don't buy the Christmas stuff now, it will be gone when you want it. I am shocked how quickly it goes.