Friday, August 29, 2008

No Swimming

Sorry, we are calling off the swimming party, now you are going to have to sail in on your yacht or maybe an air carrier. Being that we are scheduled to get dumped on again tonight, maybe it ought to be a submarine. We had winds in some areas of the Valley up to 100 miles per hour and over 2" of rain. The power has been off in some areas of the Valley all night and all day, lots of power poles blown down. Trees down everywhere and many roads closed. I have never seen or heard so much lighting and thunder, it just never stopped. The weather people said we got thousands of hits every minute. It sounded just like a jet plane was just sitting right on top of my house, reving his jets! The Valley really gets hit with violent monsom rain and storms some years and this just happens to be one of them.
I'm planning to go to a Tail-gating Birthday party tonight, hope I don't drown. I may have to take my floaties!!


Kimber said...

You got a lot more of it than we did, but it was an amazing light show last night.

Lonna said...

Where are the pictures Mother? I need some sort of proof.
When we lived in Apple Valley we had a night of 100+ winds. took a bunch of our roof and shed and folded our trampoline up like a taco and threw it in to a vacant lot!