Sunday, August 17, 2008

No more wild parties

Well, it looks like I'm going to have to renige on all those party invites I sent to you all. There will be no more wild parties at my place, they just made my next door neighbor our new Bishop. I am so tickled, he is really a fine man and I know he will do the Lord's work with a steadfast heart and a strong testimony. His wife is my Visiting Teaching partner as well as a really good friend. so now I'm sure we will be church buddies for at least the next 5 years.
I am sorry to see Bishop Mullenaux removed but he and his sweet wife are putting in their papers to go on a mission and I know they will do great work there. He sure helped me through some tough times when Bill died and even before then, when he was so sick. I could always count on Bp. Mullenaux to be there if we needed him. However when Bill died the first one there was Ron Reed, my next door neighbor. The Reeds have been really good to me, and always see to it that I am never left out of anything.
The second counselor is a young man from Holbrook area, Barry Turley. So it is kinda nice to have one of the old hometown guys in there too.
I'm sorry if this ruins all your plans about coming to any wild parties but it can't be helped. You'll just have to wait 5 years or so!


Kimber said...

Well shoot Mom, I guess I'll have to cancel the strippers.

I think Ron will make a fine bishop, and it will be nice to have the bishop right next door.

PrincessLisa said...

NOW you tell me? Grandma...I had already invited 300 of my closest friends for the rave at your house next weekend! Well...I'm not going to tell them. You'll just have to tell them individually when they show up!

Bryan said...

I wasn't going to come over for any parties at your house anymore anyways. Not since you invited me to a swim party and there was no pool anymore! It hurts to dive into gravel. You were right, I should have worn a shirt. Looking back it wasn't such a good idea to buy those inflatable rafts either. They get a lot of holes in that hard Arizona water.

I know you told me that story about it being too old and costing too much to fix and maintain, but I know the truth! You ticked off the tiki pool statue. You probably didn't give him the proper offering or something. So he cursed the pool.

Officially, I want to remind and state again that you promised him to me! I am the only one who will take care of him the proper way. He will live with me in Utah some day, where I will convert him to the Gospel and he will live out his days in a reasonable climate.

Rae said...

Well, Lisa, I know this disrupted your plans but I had no idea they would do such a weird thing. I just know that Ron will no longer be the life of the party, so we might as well give it up!
Bryan I'm sorry you caught me out about the Tiki god. I did make him mad I tried to feed him a snake instead of one of those tasty rats he so loves. You are welcome to have him but you have to come down here in this heat to get him and I don't think he'll like it in the snow up ther, he is a warm weather Tiki. However I do feel certain that you can convert him.

Lonna said...

Sheeze Mom, no more gettin' away with inviting strange men over to your house late at night. Bishop right next door, that could cause you some problems, he may notice.
As for the parties, your snacks have always been lame anyway, so I don't think I'll miss them that much! :)

Rae said...

Lonna, I do think I could get away with having men at my house on weekends , except the neighbors always have a car parked in front of my house and everywhere else, so no one else could park ther, s... there goes that idea.
And I will admit the snacks are pretty lame to say the least! You could come just for my sparkling personality.