Saturday, August 23, 2008


Last time I was in Holbrook Christine got a Serority magazine. I leafed through it and saw they had a Poetry contest winners poems listed. One of them named Footprints got me to thinking about my footprints. The part that really impressed me is:
"Have I touched anyone's life
In a way they'll recall,
Has my being here
Really mattered at all."
I started wondering how my children will react when I go, and I decieded that they would all sit around and laugh about what a goofball their mother was. How many weird manerisms I have, and they would have a really good giggle. Christine is of the opinion that her girls will all get to gather and dance around her grave and sing "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead". I don't think either one of us gets much respect from our children, maybe it's because they know us too well. I know this really is a morbid thing to think about but for some reason death has been with me for quite a while, wonder why???


Kittilicious said...

Kimber thinks you are pretty crazy, but she loves you beyond words!

I wish I had an email for you, I would just do that...I hate to put this here (but you can delete it after you read it). I am trying to find out a way to buy some electric for Kimber over the phone... who do I call? Do you know? Email me at

Kimber said...

Oh Mother, we have already talked at length about your "weird manerisms" (that would be mannerisms Mom, 2 n's. Hehehe I corrected my mom!). Why wait until you are "gone". Much more fun to talk about it now.

"I know this really is a morbid thing to think about". Then quit it!

Berleen, you goober! I just love you so!

And I love you Mom!