Sunday, September 21, 2008

Almost back to normal.

I'm almost back to normal, at least what I call normal. I have had more soup and soft food than I care to mention. Most soft food is just not very tasty!
Christine and I are back to just being two again. However we are going up to Holbrook on Tuesday. I'm going to get my hair cut and visit for a few days and then come home by myself again. It looks like Pete is going to have to have surgery on his other knee soon, so Christine is planning to stay in Happy Holbrook! (I use that term loosely). What a sad town. While we are there, Christine and I are going to Snowflake to go to the Temple with Ken and Lue for their 55 wedding anniversary on the 25th. That should be nice. Boy oh boy, is my brother getting old!?! 55 years, thats alot. I do not think very many people have anniversaries for that many years, too many divorces in the world today. I wonder if they'll make it to their 65th like our parents did? I hope so.
Today is the 9th anniversary of our baby brother, Leslie's, death. I can't believe he's been gone so long. I still miss him everyday. He had the driest sense of humor of anyone I ever met. He just come out with these funny little sayings in his quiet way and it would just crack us all up. He was the cutest little boy when he was little, I used to hurry home from school, when we lived in Flagstaff, so I could play with him. For quite a while he loved to play Easter Egg hunt, with rocks or anything else, even after Easter had been over for months. He was just so tickled when he'd find those "eggs". It just seems odd to think he's been gone for 9 years.


Kimber said...

I can't believe it's been 9 years since Uncle Les died. But yeah, I did only have William the last time we went to visit him.

55 yrs for Uncle Kenneth & Aunt Mary Lue. Wow. That is a long time.

PrincessLisa said...

I'm so confused...Christine comes down to the valley to get her nails done and you go to Holbrook to get your haircut??? What's wrong with this picture?! :)

I'm glad you're feeling better!

(P.S. The best soft food is vodka, it has the most flavor! )