Saturday, August 22, 2009


My heart is in so much pain, I can hardly think stright. This has been the most horrible week (except fot the week when my Sweet Bill died). On the 17 my wonderful niece, Melonie, lost her Mother-in-law, which just broke her heart. She loved her so much and visited her everyday to see how she was doing. So I know how much Melonie is going to miss her.
Then I talked to my dear Sister-in-Law, June, and found out she has inoperable cancer and is terminal. That was on Tuesday the 18th. Then my sweet daughter-in-law, Tina called me and said her dear Mother had passed away on the night of the 19th. How much pain their whole family is going through. I know what it will be like for poor Jim, Tina's dad. I have shed many tears for them.
Then Thursday night our niece Patricia, died in a Hospice Hospital at 11:45 pm. She was crippled from Polio and afer her parents and only sibling died she came to live with us for several years. She then got an apartment in Teempe and we took care of all her errands and taking her to the doctor, for haircuts, and etc. So we are so sorrowful about her loss, even tho we do understand that she is better off. She had been in a nursing home for the last 2 years suffering from alzhimers.
Then yesterday evening my sister called to tell me that Carlyle DeWitt had passed away that afternoon. He worked for Bill for over 25 years, and becamr the General Manager of our Funtiture stores. He and Bill were such good friends and golfing buddies. Some of the stories I could tell about those two!!!. I feel like another piece of Bill died with Carlyle. But I do wish I could be ther to see their meeting on the other side! He was a good man.
I just feel like all I have done this week is cry!!! I sure do hope June stays around for a while it would just break my heart if she goes. Terrible Week!!!!!


Kimber said...

It's been an unbelieveable week of bad news and death. My eyes are swollen from crying. No more. I hope everyone gets the "no more bad news" memo.
I love you Mom.

Rae said...

I sure hope they do too!!!!
Love you!

Kirsten and Steve Bloomfield said...

Oh Grandma. I'm sorry about all the bad news. The good thing is that things can only get better from here.