Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Swimming Pool

I have a nice big pool in my back yard again today. It started raining last night just before midnight and rained off and on almost all night, so today I have a pool. And we expect more rain today and tomorrow, I just hope it doesn't flood my house. It seems funny that we go for months and months without rain and then Bam we get a whole bunch at once. At least now I won't have to go out and water my trees this week.
I really enjoyed a quick visit with Lonna and Steve yesterday and then I went to Jordan and Betts's house. Their son Mark was visiting with them and we all went out to dinner, (mexican) and the went back and played "Mexican Train". They were really great hosts and allowed me to win both games. Of course last time they were at my house I was a great host and allowed each of them to win a game. It was lots of fun and it was good to see Mark again. The only thing bad a bout it is driving home alone late at night, oh well, I guess I'll get used to that someday.


Princess Lisa said...

Grandma, I will never forgive you for getting rid of your pool!

A couple of weeks ago I actually had a dream that you put a pool back in your yard! I was so excited. But I awoke and reality came crashing in. And now I will never forgive you! Nevah!!!!

Rae said...

Lisa, that's too bad, but if you hurry you could go swimming today, the pool is back and bigger than ever, it might even come up to your ankles!