Friday, March 6, 2009


Here it is Friday again already, how did that happen!?! Time sure has a way of slipping past when I'm not looking.
The Citrus trees are all in bloom along with lots of other things and I have been fighting the allergies just like so many others here in the Valley. Not fun!
My friends are really worring me. Dave is having an awful time and is not able to play cards, I am afraid that we have played our last game! His health is really failing fast. They are planning to go to Disneyland this next week but I just don't see how he can, he can't even walk down the stairs at his house. It is breaking my heart to see him struggling so bad, he is such a special man. His family is having a really hard time facing the fact that Dave is dying. Poor Karla!
My other friend Jordan has been in the heart hospital this week. He had to have his heart shocked back into a normal rhythem. They then started him on a new medication to regulate his heart and had to watch him for several days and make sure it was beating right. He and Betts think that they will release Jordan today. Betts sounded tireder than Jordan. Hospitals are just no fun, either to be a in them or just visiting there.
It would be nice if all my friends would just stay healthy! Wishful thinking.


Kimber said...

You could always have your friends fill out a health form. Kinda tacky but what else can you do?

Princess Lisa said...

I agree with Kimber! Before accepting friendship you have to make sure they meet certain standards! That way you don't get upset.

Also, Friday could not come fast enough. I think I should move to Arizona...maybe time goes faster there? Although, I know time will fly by this weekend!