Saturday, March 28, 2009


I just have the most beautiful living room now! Christine has been staying with me for a while and Pete came down to get her and while he was here he painted my living room. They bought the paint for their living room and he decieded that it was way too dark and I just happen to love it, so rather than give it to one of their kids, he brought it down and pained my room for me. It's called "Summer Pecan" a beautiful Caramel color that just looks wonderful with my wallpaper, carpet, and tile. It's so wonderful to have new paint, so while we were about moving everything around, we changed the layout of the room and I got rid of alot of junk! Now I just have to think about painting the rest of the house!
I just can't thank both Christine and Pete enough, they just do so much for me, what would I do without them!?! And the strange thing is--Pete didn't get a drop of paint on himself. I would have gotten it from head to toe, I'm sure. And to top it all off, he painted the ceiling on my front porch which was all flaking off and looked awful, and then he washed the windshield of my car for me before they left ( I was going to Scottsdale to the Doctor at the same time). What a great brother-in-law! Thanks guys, love you both.


Princess Lisa said...

Where are the pictures Grandma????

Kimber said...

I can't wait to see it!

Rae said...

Lisa,If I had a camera and knew how to post them I would put pictures, just remember I'm old!