Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've been trying something I read in Family Circle about dry skin. It said to use hair conditioner (Suave is best) rub it all over in the shower and rinse off, then dab dry. I have found out it doesn't work very well for me, I just need a lot more moistureizer. My skin is so dry it looks like sand paper if I don't do something about it (comes from living in dry Arizona). I have found that Bath and Body lotion creams work best for me, even the baby oil doesn't do it.
Why does it take so long to get your car serviced? I spent 3 and 1/4 hours in the service department today! Man, was my back hurting by the time I got out of there! But, I was so blessed that I took the car in today, the battery died when they tried to start it to take it back into the service dept., I knew it was about time for it to go, it's been 2 years and batteries just don't last longer than that in this heat of AZ. I'm sure glad it happened there and not out somewhere when I was all alone. I should have know what was happening because I've had strange messages on my note board and I should have know it was the battery dying.
Someone is out tearing up the street in front of my house today, I don't know who, either the city, SRP, or the sewer company. Anyway they have been making a mess and a lot of loud noise, of course I missed most of it because I was spending the day in the dealership! Lovely!


Bryan said...

Great Stuff, Grandma! (pun intended!)

I like your comment about "strange messages" on the dash board. I'm just really curios about what these strange messages were saying?

Kimber said...

Thank goodness the battery died there!

Princess Lisa said...

I don't know why you're complaining Grandma. I love strange messages on my dashboard. It makes me feel a little less strange.

And 3 hours at a dealership??? That's so lucky! I love sitting in the dealership...smelling tires and oil...

I have a theory that they leave you sitting there for so long because they want you to think about the fact that if you had a new wouldn't need to get it serviced this much...and you wouldn't be waiting around...before long, you're looking at a new car and then BLAMO! They got you. You buy a new car.

Don't fall for it. And when you do fall for it, get a pretty pink car.

Rae said...

Bryan $ Lisa, some of the messages were things like "Passenger Air Bag Service Required" (even with no passenger there) and "Check Oil Level", I think those things are strange especially when I knew the oil level was fine. I do think it was just being cranky!
And Yesh, Lisa, the first person I saw when I went inside tried to sell me a new car! But I didn't fall for it , there were no pink ones available.
Yes, Kimber, I sure felt blessed that the battery died there not some weird place like the grocery store or Jordan and Betts house.