Friday, May 22, 2009


I just can't believe that it rained early this morning! And it's cool today only 80 instead of 107. Wow, what a treat. But I don't think what we had was what most people would call a good rain but at least the sidewalks got washed off. But I'm afraid I'll still have to water my trees, darn.
I got a letter from an old friend today, she has a benign tumor on her right ear nerve. I have never heard of this. She is having it removed in Las Angeles June 1st. It seems funny to me all the strange things that can happen to the human body thru no fault of our own. I am amazed that they even found it let alone that they think they can remove it and that all will be well with her. I certainly hope and pray that it will go as planned.
Today is Garrett's Birthday, so Happy Birthday Garrett! Love you bunches, Grandson.
Tonight is Jacob's High School Graduation, hope it a wonderful one! Love you and wish I was there. Good going Grandson!
On the 19th our Great-Granddaughter Kathryn Tekulve graduated from High School also. What a beautiful and talented young lady she is. Congratulations and lots of love.


Kimber said...

It's been cool but so dang humid. I want the heat back just so I can breath.

Lots of graduations and such going on this week!

Rae said...

Yes, Kimber, I know just what you mean, I'd rather have the hear than the humidity any day!

Lonna said...

It's true what they say...."But it's a dry heat!"
It is nicer to have 100 degrees and low humidity than to have 80 degrees and 70% humidity!

Rae said...

Lonna, you are absoutally right, I hate it when it is humid, besides it makes my whole body ache and ache!