Sunday, November 2, 2008

Alone again!

Well, all of my company has now deserted me, and I'm back alone again. I do not like this being a widow bit at all!!! It was fun to have my sweet sister here with her wonderful husband, we always have fun together even when we're not doing anything special. I'm always bummed when they go back to Holbrook and I know she is too, being that she's not to wild about living in the armpit of the world!
We had such a quiet Halloween. I never have any Trick or Treater's come to my house. No young children live in this neighborhood at all. And being that the school, our HOA, and my church all had parties for the kids, there weren't any out and about. We did go to Cracker's & Co. Cafe for early lunch to see all the staff dressed for Halloween and those were the only costumes we saw. It is always so hard to go back to Cracker's, there are way too many memories there. Bill loved to go there and especially loved their Corn Chowder. Some places are hard to visit, especailly being that I still think of myself as a couple. I wonder how long it will take to get over this! Christine, Pete, and I went over to Jordan and Bett's house to play games. I went in to help Bett's get some drinks for everyone and just automatically got out 6 glasses. It wasn't until Bett's pointed it out to me that I realized what I had done, it just seems natural to get a glass for Bill too. It's is such a weird feeling to realize that I'm no longer a couple! Not one bit fun!


Kimber said...

I told the kids on Friday we were going to Grandma & Granddad's house. The kids all corrected me.

Rae said...

Kimber, you too! They did mention the fact that Granddad was dead, so I guess they accepted it better than you or I.