Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strange week.

Boy oh boy, this has been a strange week. I went to Holbrook last Wednesday to visit Christine and Pete and to get my hair cut. Pete was not feeling well when I got there and didn't seem to get much better all the time I was staying with them. He went to the Doctor but that didn't help much, the doctor thought it was something he ate. On Saturday morning he got up feeling much better and being that I was coming home, he encouraged Christine to come down with me, so we did. But that evening he called to say that he was having Vicki and Rick take him up to the Hospital in Show Low. This really upset Christine, naturally. But I just couldn't drive back up there that night, so we got up early Sunday morning, went and picked up Kimberly, and drove back to Holbrook. Christine wanted to get her car from Vicki and Rick and then go on to Show Low. Kimberly and I went to breakfast up to Denny's so we could see Melanie, and then came back home again. Thank goodness Pete is doing well now and Christine was able to take him back home last night, so all is well. They said it was a small blockage in his small intestine.
I was so tired when I got home that I didn't even get dressed all day yesterday! That high country is just to hard on my poor old body! I still have the nasty headache I always get up there and guess I will have it for another day or so. Not fun!! I am just glad all turned out okay!


Lisa said...

I know I watch a lot of murder shows...most recently "Snapped." It's about women who SNAP and kill someone...so maybe I am a little bit paranoid....but I have to ask...

Did anyone at the hospital do blood work for the possibility of poison??? I mean...it sounds like a Snapped episode... wife goes out of town while husband is "mysteriously ill" and he winds up in the hospital...wife rushes to his bedside acting sad and confused and in the end we find out...she had SNAPPED! She's been poisoning him all along!
I mean...Christine seems nice and all...but I think we should investigate.

Is it just me? Too much t.v.???

Yeah, I figured it was just me. No more Snapped for me.

Bryan said...

Interesting question Lisa. I have a bigger question. How good of a hair stylist must this person be for grandma to go to Holbrook, a place she deemed the armpit of America and a place so terrible it gives her a headache just to be there, instead of going to one of the thousands of stylist in the greater Phoenix area. I have to see this hairdo. I have huge expectations.

Lisa said...

I know Bryan...I've asked this before. Christine goes down to The Valley to have her nails done... Grandma goes to Holbrook to get her hair done. Surely they could find someone in their own town to do their hair and makeup? No?

And, I too, have great expectations for this hairdo that Grandma suffers for. I imagine a beehive do, with live bees actually creating honey that grandma sells in her spare time?

Bryan said...

Hair Honey! I like it.

Grandma & Christine,
You should come up to Logan. I know a gal that gives the best pedicures. Trust me it will be worth the drive!

Christine said...

Hey Sis.....I think your grandkids are picking us, just because we're old.

But, come to think of it, Hmmmmm---pedicures in Logan----that might could be a good thing. We'll have to think about that one.

And I don't know about the bees (I didn't see any signs of that), but I do know that my nails are sp0arkly and shiny!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh no Christine...it has nothing to do with age. Just that I thought you might be trying to murder your spouse. It seemed suspicious...I'm just saying!

And driving that far for beauty? I don't know. I have a hard time blow drying my hair and I don't have to drive anywhere for that.

Bryan's right though...we are known around the world for our pedicures here. Or something like that.

Rae said...

Hey, I feel like I've really been picked on! And here all along I thought my Grandkids liked me, Wow, was I ever fooled. But the pedicure does sound nice...

Lonna said...

Is it just me or are my kids the funniest around? I laughed and laughed reading this one.
Lisa I do know how much you love your 'Snapped', but Aunt Christine had a much more 'difficult' husband the 1st time and she did not kill him even though most of would have supported her, even helped if you will. I am afraid this is proof positive that she did not poison Uncle Pete.
Bryan, as for the hairdo, Mom goes to the Armpit of America for a bargin haircut. Now sure, one my argue that the money she spends on gas and possible snacks along the way, may infact cost her more than she is saving. Personally I think she goes to Holbrook trolling for a new man???? Aunt Christine lures her up there with the promise of this guy or that, and when Mom gets there, said promise date has suddenly died from hardening of the prostate or fell and broke his cane.

Bryan said...

Mom- that makes total sense. I can see Grandma and Aunt Christine "clubbin" in Holbrook into the wee hours of the night. Of course Aunt Christine goes as Grandma's wingman only.

Bryan said...

Grandma, We do love you. I wouldn't comment if I didn't. Besides your coolness factor as a grandparent went up infinitely just by virtue of you having a blog! So keep up the good work.

Lisa said...

Mom, you make a fine point. Sadly, it's a rookie mistake to assume what you did about Christine not killing Pete.
Yes, Christine not killing her first louse of a spouse may seem like proof that she would never kill a current husband. Unfortunately, it isn't true. What happens is that all that rage and resentment builds up inside a person until all this misplaced anger comes boiling out...and they....SNAP! That's probably why the show is named Snapped.
Unfortunately, I've seen it a million times.

The clubbin' with Grandma only serves to further my point that Christine might be out for a new man... I'm just sayin'.

And Grandma, we're not picking on you. We're loving you. This is how we show it. Haven't you seen all the love on everyone else's blogs? We're a very loving family.